Pullut, the present adobe of Peedikaparambil Tharavadu, lies close to Kodungallur, the citadel of muzeris Heritage dates back to hundred of years. Pullut also enjoys the distintion of having an Arts and Science college in the name of Kodungallur Kunjukuttan Thampuran, the father of malayalam literature and renowned scholar. Peedikaparambil Tharavadu is considered as one of the leading Tharavadu in Pullut and Neighbouring area.


On the basis of the information available, it is believed that Peedikaparambil tharavadu started with Sri. Narayana Menon with his five sisters who migrated to Pullut many many years ago. He was very hard working and had a very simple way of life and dedicated his entire life for the family.

We are fortunate to have Sri. Velayudha Menon amoung us as the most desirable and deserving heir to this legend, to foster the virtues of the great tradition. He is the only living person who was fortunate to live with our great grandfather Sri. Narayana Menon, pioneer of Peedikaparambil Tharavadu.

Whatever noble venture happen in this area, the motivating force behind it is usually Sri. Velayudha Menon. We shall be proud of this legacy and get motivated to carve out a place for each one of us. Not only that, as we all realise, present social life suffers from the decay of noble thoughts concern for dear and near ones, lack of understanding of our identity with relation to society in general to appreciate virtues wherever it is. The reason for this tragedy is the lack of cultural values enshrined in our vedas epics and other mythological works.

We hope and pray that this website will go along way to have access to the entire fraternity of Peedikaparambil Tharavadu. We also try our best too get connected to the eminent personalities of Peedikaparambil Tharavadu who excelled in their field of operations.

"Best service to God, is to serve humanity" as what Lord Krishna proclaimed shall be made meaningful if we all put together through the Peedikaparambil Kudumba Sangamam. Hoping to make a quality change in the mindset of all of us, let us dedicate this website at the mercy of our godesses Panthalalukal Bhagavathy and Parakadavu Bhagavathy and our long lost ancestors...

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